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What Can Functional Medicine Offer Depression?

In order to understand what functional medicine is and what it can offer depression patients, it is first necessary to discuss conventional medicine. Conventional medicine aims to treat the disease and fix the problem using tools like medications, surgical and nonsurgical interventions, and other treatment approaches. For example, a parent makes a same-day appointment with the pediatrician for a child who may have the flu; a doctor prescribes medication to correct high blood pressure in an adult
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New Research Reveals Why Some Pregnant Women Have ‘Normal’ Deliveries While Others Do Not

The Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation in Queensland, Australia, seeks to empower pregnant women with the results of their recent research, reports Science Daily. About 6,000 women were asked about their birthing experiences as part of the research led by Queensland University of Technology Associate Professor Yvette Miller, who partnered with the Queensland Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages to survey women over the course of a four-month timeframe. The results of the study we
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Anthony Bourdain's suicide wasn't 'selfish.' I know because I tried to kill myself too.

After celebrity chef and bestselling author Anthony Bourdain died of suicide, his friend Val Kilmer took to social media to express his opinion on the matter. In a lengthy Facebook post, Kilmer called Bourdain’s actions “selfish.” Further elaborating, he wrote, “A spiritual guide once told me suicide is the most selfish act a human can execute and I was confused but she explained there’s just no mental place further away from humanity and purpose than the hypnotized numbness that creates the false picture of despair, that forces the victim, unaware, to believe, life’s legacy is over.” Kilmer is wrong — suicide is not selfish. I know because I once tried to take my own life.
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Dear Val Kilmer, Anthony Bourdain Did Love Us

Mental health advocates have routinely cautioned against describing suicide as selfish because it may trigger a vulnerable individual to act. Hollywood actor Val Kilmer, however, seems to give more weight to what a spiritual guide once told him than the warnings of the CDC, the American Psychological Association (APA), and the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). Kilmer is now on the receiving end of fan disapproval after publishing a lengthy Facebook post in which he called Bourdain "selfish" for taking himself away from Kilmer and his fans.
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How a Little Boy Inspired His Mom to Start a Clothing Business That Raises Awareness About Down Syndrome and Autism

At six years old, Charlie Hernandez is learning his numbers and letters. He idolizes his father and is obsessed with trains and organizing his toys. Charlie is a typical little boy, who happens to have special needs, says his mother, Anna Hernandez. He’s also the inspiration for Charlie’s Project, a clothing company built around leggings founded by Hernandez in 2012 with a mission to raise awareness for the conditions that affect her son: Down syndrome and Autism.
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