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Pauline Campos is a widely-published writer with bylines on, The Washington Post, Marie Claire, and many others. She specializes in ghostwriting (and blogging), essays, press releases, and reported features. 

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How a Little Boy Inspired His Mom to Start a Clothing Business That Raises Awareness About Down Syndrome and Autism

At six years old, Charlie Hernandez is learning his numbers and letters. He idolizes his father and is obsessed with trains and organizing his toys. Charlie is a typical little boy, who happens to have special needs, says his mother, Anna Hernandez. He’s also the inspiration for Charlie’s Project, a clothing company built around leggings founded by Hernandez in 2012 with a mission to raise awareness for the conditions that affect her son: Down syndrome and Autism.

You Are What You Hear

Editor's Choice Essay-- In the winter of 2011, in the dressing room at Target, I get caught up in an existential crisis. While trying on bathing suits, I find myself toggling between two drastically different views of myself: one is informed by the harsh words my mother verbalized so many years ago, probably without meaning to hurt me or realizing I was internalizing everything she said; the other by my young daughter’s unconditionally loving view of me.

Why Plus-Size Boudoir Shoots Are So Damned Liberating

Jenn Mclellan used to think her body was broken. She’d bought into the idea that, because of her size, she couldn’t be beautiful. She exists, she said, in a body that society finds unacceptable, and knowing this had a profound effect on her emotional relationship with her physical self. “Then I got pregnant with my son and had a natural childbirth that changed everything,” says the 37-year-old Albuquerque-based writer, who blogs at . “I realized the strength and beauty my body possesses.
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A Growing Gut, a Sinking Sex Drive, and 7 Other Signs Your Thyroid Hormones Are Too Low

When I was 22 years old, I was eating healthy and working out five days a week—and I still put on 50 pounds in a six-month period. Weight gain is one of the telltale symptoms of hypothyroidism, or underactive thyroid, a condition that occurs when your thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough of some important hormones. Because it’s more common in women, my then-boyfriend suggested I head to my doctor to get it checked out. I did, and my doctor diagnosed me with hypothyroidism, which I’ve controlle

My Daughter’s Superpower

If I hadn’t been diagnosed with ADHD, I don't think my daughter would have been diagnosed with high-functioning autism. I would have just nodded my head, setting aside my suspicions when friends texted links to articles about similarities between the gifted and autistic. I would have said things like “You’re right” and “What was I thinking?” when people asked me why I would want to chance sticking a label on my child for life.

Stop Shaming Parents For Letting Their Kids Play With iPads On Family Outings

For starters, it’s not anyone else’s damn business how we parent or where our child’s attention is when out in public. Secondly, I have severe ADHD and am always playing with or looking at my iPhone in order to self-regulate after my medication has worn off. And since Eliana’s diagnosis late last year, we’ve learned the value in never inserting our own perceptions and narrative onto others. The only story any of us truly know is our own.
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